New Releases

New Releases available at Catalytic Sound are brand new albums by the musicians represented by the cooperative, both as individual artists or through their independent record labels, available for the very first time.

New Dance

Calle Neumann / Ketil Gutvik / Ingebrigt Håker Flaten / Paal Nilssen-Love


""In 2019 PNL Records released “Events 1998-1999” - a retrospective box-set of the short-lived but eventually legendary The Quintet from the late 90s. That box-set documented the meeting of two generation of Norwegian improvised free music – the older generation Calle Neumann and Bjørnar Andresen engaging with the new emerging talents of the time - Paal Nilssen-Love, Ketil Gutvik and Eivind Opsvik. Since that time Andresen had passed away, but for the release party of the box-set Neumann once again got together with Gutvik and Nilssen-Love. No longer the new blood, it was now a completely different meeting of musical minds, built on experience that didn’t exist 20 years ago. But it was also clearly a reunion of kindred spirits, people that share something special catching up through music. Of course this could not just be a one-off to promote a release, this had to become something more. And one year later the new line-up, now with Ingebrigt Håker Flaten on double bass (you don’t need two bass-players with Ingebrigt in the band), making the original quintet a quartet. The self-titled debut album documents their live debut at Victoria Jazz Club in Oslo, recorded in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic in July 2020. The band recorded before the gig with the intent of a studio album, but the gig itself was such a special event, that it became clear that the album needed to document that performance in full. Listening to the recording the identity of the musicians is clearly defined, but the music is full of surprises – going from extended full-on blasts to passages of subtle beauty, all delivered with a sense of adventure and humour that only musicians who are completely at ease with each other can deliver. New Dance is a new band for a new decade. It’s also worth noticing that this is Neumann’s first new recording in more than a decade, which is cause for celebration in itself." - PNL "

Snapshots: Volume 2/Austria

Ken Vandermark


"PREORDER for official release 8/30/2021 The initial plan for Snapshots was to record a sequence of 7” singles that would document a collection of “micro-improvisations.” On every album I would perform with each of the four instruments I use, releasing a new 45 at quarterly increments over the course of a year. One of my favorite expressions regarding creative activity is Richard Serra’s statement, “work comes out of work,” and that idea came directly into play when I considered my approach to the second installment of Snapshots. Before starting the work on volume 2, I began a duo project with Nate Wooley for the Superpang label. Since that process took place during COVID, it was necessary to create the music by sharing music files. Nate and I quickly realized that, because the material had to be created by overdubbing one track on top of another, it was possible to bounce files back and forth, using more than two parts for each piece, and with different organizational principles. While involved in the exchange with Nate, I started to think about the second edition of Snapshots. And, for the first time, I decided to create duo improvisations by overdubbing myself. The strategy was simple- I recorded two pieces of about 90 seconds on each instrument (abandoning one of them because it was musically unsuccessful), then I selected an alternative horn, listened to a track and recorded an improvisation with/against it. From these seven “duos,” four were selected to produce the most successful narrative across two sides of a 7” single. In closing, I’d like to mention how much certain artists from Austria have impacted my work, particularly over the course of the last decade. I’m dedicating the music on this recording to four of them. -Ken Vandermark, Chicago, July 16, 2021 "

New Additions

New Additions to Catalytic Sound are all albums that have not been available through the collective before, including re-issues, hard to find rare recordings, past releases.