sound american new cover

Sound American : The First Three Issues (2013) [Book + Cassette]


Finally, the online magazine Sound American is available in a lovable, givable, carryable, trainable form! We’ve culled our favorite articles from the first three issues and commissioned some special new works not found at for this special book presentation!

This first volume features writing by and about Rick Moody, Ben Hall, Nate Wooley, Shinkoyo Collective, League of Automatic Music Composers, Women in Electronic Music, TECHNE, John King, John Cage’s Number Pieces and SongBooks, The BSC, Joan LaBarbara and more. (156 pp. paperback)

Sound American: The Cassette Issue is a beautifully packaged (as is typical of the great Astral Spirits Label) cassette version of two of our favorite interview/fly-on-the-wall sessions: Nate Wooley’s long interview with Canary Records founder Ian Nagoski from the What Is American Music Issue and Philip White, C. Spencer Yeh, and Chris Pitsiokos shredding a page of Treatise from the Cornelius Cardew Issue.

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