Ken Vandermark : Momentum 1: Stone (6 CD Box)


During January of 2016, Ken Vandermark was invited to a residency at the Stone in New York by John Zorn.  Entitled, “New York/United States/Europe,” Vandermark focused on Mr. Zorn’s request to make the residency as accurate a portrait of his current work as possible, and to include new collaborations in the concerts that were presented.  This resulted in 12 different sets of music over 6 days, with Vandermark’s working groups, Made To Break, DEK, Side A, and ongoing duos with Paal Nilssen-Love and Nate Wooley as essential parts of the program.  Also included were 6 concerts of first time configurations featuring Vandermark improvising with some of the best musicians working in contemporary music:

quartet with Sylvie Courvoisier, Chris Corsano, and Ingrid Laubrock

trio with Mat Maneri and Joe McPhee

quartet with Tom Rainey, Ned Rothenberg, and Håvard Wiik

quartet with Ikue Mori, Joe Morris, Nate Wooley

quartet with Christof Kurzmann, Okkyung Lee, and Marina Rosenfeld

quartet with Paal Nilssen-Love, William Parker, and Steve Swell

Thankfully, these sets were recorded by Jeremiah Cymerman and Randy Thaler, and documented by the photography of Peter Gannushkin.  All of these materials will be presented in a new, limited edition, 6 CD boxset on Audiographic Records, called “Momentum 1: Stone,” truly a landmark in improvised sound.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 8pm

Sylvie Courvoisier/Chris Corsano/Ingrid Laubrock/Ken Vandermark Quartet

1) Tuesday Stone: part one [17:30]
2) Tuesday Stone: part two [17:17]

Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 8pm

Mat Maneri/Joe McPhee/Ken Vandermark Trio

1) Wednesday Stone (early): part one [12:58]
2) Wednesday Stone (early): part two [6:05]
3) Wednesday Stone (early): part three [5:56]
4) Wednesday Stone (early): part four [7:20]
5) Wednesday Stone (early): part five [4:36]
6) Wednesday Stone (early): part six [8:08]

Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 10pm

Tom Rainey/Ned Rothenberg/Ken Vandermark/Håvard Wiik Quartet

1) Wednesday Stone (late): part one [24:54]
2) Wednesday Stone (late): part two [12:05]
3) Wednesday Stone (late): part three [5:42]

Thursday, January 7, 2016, 8pm

Ikue Mori/Joe Morris/Ken Vandermark/Nate Wooley Quartet

1) Thursday Stone [44:52]

Saturday, January 9, 2016, 8pm

Christof Kurzmann/Okkyung Lee/Marina Rosenfeld/Ken Vandermark Quartet

1) Saturday Stone (early) [39:33]

Saturday, January 9, 2016, 10pm

Paal Nilssen-Love/William Parker/Steve Swell/Ken Vandermark Quartet

1) Saturday Stone (late): part one [38:51]
2) Saturday Stone (late): part two [9:19]

Disc 1
Sylvie Courvoisier: piano
Chris Corsano: drums
Ingrid Laubrock: saxophones
Ken Vandermark: reeds

Disc 2
Mat Maneri: viola
Joe McPhee: tenor saxophone
Ken Vandermark: reeds

Disc 3
Tom Rainey: drums
Ned Rothenberg: saxophones
Ken Vandermark: reeds
Håvard Wiik: piano

Disc 4
Ikue Mori: electronics
Joe Morris: guitar
Ken Vandermark: reeds
Nate Wooley: trumpet

Disc 5
Christof Kurzmann: ppooll/electronics
Okkyung Lee: cello
Marina Rosenfeld: turntable/electronics
Ken Vandermark: reeds

Disc 6
Paal Nilssen-Love: drums
William Parker: bass
Ken Vandermark: reeds
Steve Swell: trombone