Fendika : Birabiro


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1. Ywolalya Weyo (Gurage)
2. Maleda (Wollo)
3. Zelesegna
4. Nargi (Agaw)
5. Musica / Satenaw
6. Ere Gedaye Gedaye / Shellela / Lale Guma (Gonder)
7. Anbessa (Gume)
8. Tezeta

Nardos Tesfaw – vocals
Endris Hassen – masenko
Misale Legesse – kobero
Melaku Belay – dance, backing vocals, claps
Zenash Tsegaye – dance, backing vocals, claps

Recorded at Electric Monkey, Amsterdam, Holland on July 14th 2015

All songs based on traditional melodies and scales from specific regions. Arrangements by Melaku Belay

Recorded by Kasper Frenkel
Mixed by Kasper Frenkel and Arnold de Boer
Artwork & layout by Emma Fischer
Cover photo by Kasper Vogelzang
Booklet photos by Andy Moor
Interview by Ken Vandermark / Terrie Hessels

Also thanks to Zerihum Engidashet, Mitwab Aliyou

Terp As-27

Released December 2016